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Download Complete Questions of RTA Theory Test Dubai , Pass RTA Theory Test Easily

Download Complete Questions of RTA Theory Test Dubai
RTA Theory test is sometime called signal test, You must pass this test to proceed with your driving license. It is an easy test if study properly but if your studying approach is not proper so you can not pass it. There are total 35 questions in the test , divided in two sections. First section have 18 question in which you must give correct answer for 13.
 In the second section there are 17 questions, in which you must give correct answers to 12 questions.  the difficulty is that you must pass both sections. If you pass section 1 by giving correct answer to all 18 questions and failed section two ,you will be considered failed over all.
For this reason i compiled the complete set of questions , which you must practice three to four times before the test and I am giving you my personal assurance that you will pass the test easily with Ninety to Hundred Percent Results.
Remember that If you failed the test you have to pay AED 300 to re appear in the test. Therefore download this guide of RTA questions and Study it.

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Theory Test Questions Dubai

Update: Added 20 more questions and updated the guide, and also converted the guide to PDF format, the previous version was RTF Format.

Update 2 :  As I am not monitoring this site regularly and came back to check after long time, I am happy that so many people have benefited from it and have passed their Rta knowledge test easily. Please also accept my apology for the password protected file and people faced some problem in opening it. Although the password was shared here in the comments by so many people. The password was waca2008. but now i removed the password from the file and now the the file is not password protected. while downloading you may be asked for an easy survey or for completion of an offer , which will not take more than 1 minute of you. This step is required to control the heavy flow of bandwidth as I have low bandwidth and with thousand of downloads daily my site will sink down. SO please co operate with me in this regard as I am also helping you passing your theory test easily. Thanks again.

And don't forget to read the booklet provide by RTA.
The booklet is very informative and will give you real life protection from driving hazards.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Importance of RTA Theory Test and Lectures

RTA Theory Test is very important, with out passing RTA Theory Test you cannot proceed to practical road  classes and the the 2nd importance and the major one is , it gives you knowledge of driving, when you pass RTA Theory Test it indicates that now you have enough understandings about Traffic and Traffic rules and it will be safe for you to proceed to practical training.
Theory class lectures gives great road sense and once you succeed in RTA Test it gives you an extra bit of confidence towards the driving license.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RTA Theory Test Dubai and UAE

Whenever you apply to get driving license in Dubai, you need to pass the exams  for license. There are lot of test in whole process of obtaining driving license in Dubai. The important test which you will face right at the beginning after opening your file is RTA Theory Test Dubai. RTA Theory test is all about the road signals and rules of traffic. In the RTA Theory test there is 35 Questions divided in two sections. In one section 17 and in the other 18 questions. you need to get 65 percent marks in each section. That is coming almost 13,13 correct questions in each section.
The questions are not too much difficult , it is an easy test, you need to study accordingly. If a person is having driving knowledge he can easily pass this test.
 Taking drive license in Dubai and UAE is the requirement of the time. For the theory test you are given eight lectures. These lectures are very important and you must attend them. it will feed your brain with lot of knowledge which will help you in passing the theory test.
 If you fail the RTA Theory Test , you cannot proceed to take your road classes. you have to apply again for the test and will pay a handsome amount to give the test again.
"RTA Theory Test Dubai" does't have enough stuff on internet for guidance of people who are willing to take UAE driving license. I will try to make it a coaching site for RTA Theory Test Dubai and will also upload hints and sample questions. Be In touch and refer your friends as well.

Pass RTA Theory Test Easily  Click Link Given Below to Download Complete Questions and Answers

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